never no clouds to be seen

air that’s cold and clean

one more sleepless night

take flight



A18…that’s my plane gate number

My flight number? I dont think I should say…hmm

Where am I going? Connecticut

Why? Because im going to a bestfriend’s sweet sixteen party

Why? Because we have been best friends since 5th grade…and ever since freshman year, I’ve been promising her that I’d go to her sweet sixteen♡

I have an hour to kill so I thought I’d just write my thoughts on things

I love airports; I find the vastness of it comforting and relaxing.

This is my first time traveling alone and it’s actually such an adventure. I feel so independant and mature haha.

There’s so many people here but I ironically couldn’t feel any more alone. There’s nothing more lonely than being surrounded by stangers….
But this is a good solitude…one that puts you in peace

For as long as I could remember, I’ve loved traveling…thus the blog link,–> lustwander (it’s a rearrangement of the word ‘wanderlust’)

Anyways for me, planes have always been a transition from one life to another…
Because I’ve lived in so many places at different times of my life, I have a variety of personalities located in different parts of the world. It’s like outting on a mask and transforming into someone else…

I wonder who I’m going to be this time

Wow…time passes when you’re writing haha…it’s already been 30mins

Yeahh…im probably boarding soon so I’ll leave it at this (:

My thoughts were all over the place woops

I’ll be somewhere in the sky for the next few hours

bye xx

first post

I feel like I should explain myself a little here:

I discovered my love for writing quite recently thus, I decided to make a personal blog.

I’m currently living in Georgia (U.S) and I personally hate the hot weather but the winters are pretty nice.

I’ve always been a traveler and had my share of culture clashes. My dad’s job isn’t an occupation that requires frequent relocating but somehow he became an exception.

I’ve lived in:

  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Avon, CT
  • Lyon, France
  • Marietta, GA

I see the world through an overwhelming mix of perspectives all at once which is something I cope with by writing.

By writing, I’ve learnt to collect and make sense of my thoughts; writing saves me, if that makes sense.

I’m trying to find myself (cliché yes) so I think of this blog as a journey through my inner self……Hopefully I’ll come closer to defining myself.

I feel like I had much more to say but this is all I can think of right now

-xx els