what is ♡

it’s when the memories pull down on your throat

it’s when gravity pulls you a little harder and makes it hard to make simple movements

it’s when you obsess over minor changes

it’s when you become selfish and wish him misery

it’s when the thought of him with someone else breaks every bone in your body and stabs your heart with the shattered remains

it’s when you are not the same anymore

it’s when everything good is paired with the weight of the past

it’s when you miss every, single, thing

it’s when you cannot go a day without thinking of him

it’s when you can’t move on…
i can’t move on.


sweet thoughts

did you know that the world is full of little things to enjoy?….things to be happy about..
things like:
the sound of flowers and the sight of voices,
the smell of love and the texture of fragrance,
…and the taste of presence and vivid flashbacks.