“His silence was eloquent.” – Huey P. Newton

Sometimes silence is more than words can convey.
When someone remains silent, you’re left to make guesses and imagine what they would’ve said if they were talking. This leaves so many possibilities for interpretation.
Whereas words have one direct meaning, silence has no boundaries; therefore, it can be interpreted in an infinite amount of ways.

Silence speaks for itself.


sweet thoughts

did you know that the world is full of little things to enjoy?….things to be happy about..
things like:
the sound of flowers and the sight of voices,
the smell of love and the texture of fragrance,
…and the taste of presence and vivid flashbacks.



Imagine you’re outdoors; it’s pitch dark and you can’t even see the bridge of your nose. You’re staring into an eternal abyss and wondering why it’s so empty.
There’s another person on the other side, staring back into your direction, thinking the same thoughts. You are not aware of this because of your unfortunate confinement to a small circle of vision resulting from complete ignorance.
When you decide to rid yourself of predisposed thoughts you’ll realize that all this time, you were two inches from a switch that would have illuminated and ignited a whole new world of discoveries.

Open your eyes.
Admit to your ignorance.

Homeless or houseless?

I’ve always wondered if the homeless people were actually HOME-less

Do they really have nowhere that they can call their ‘home’?
Or do they actually have a place they call home….but it’s just not theirs anymore..
(this might not make sense yet…just keep reading~)

Personally I think the word “homeless” is misleading.
After all, isn’t the definition: an unfortunate person without housing?


It’s someone without a house.

So, wouldn’t it be more accurate to call them the “houseless”?

My point is, anyone can have a house and still feel homeless…

I feel homeless sometimes…like I don’t belong in any place that I’m in…

I don’t have anywhere to call my home. I’m not looking for pity when I say this…it’s just that every where I go, I feel like an outsider

It’s more strange than anything…haha

It doesn’t bother me too much except that I feel like no one understands this feeling…

I have a my own personal definiton of home…but that’s a whole other post..not to mention slightly off topic. Maybe I’ll write about it in the near future (:

For now, I’ll leave with this thought: we should either redefine the word “homeless” to represent people with no roots, or just completey change the word into something more useless…. something like:

Falling asleep

I’ve always wondered why you never know exactly when you fell asleep…
There’s that moment of drowsiness and floating away, but you never know precisely when you lose consciousness


What do we do when we sleep? Where does our consciousness go? Do we have a parallel universe in which we exist in a subconscious state?
So complicated.

And when someone says “dream about me,” is it a good thing?…because aren’t dreams not real, making whatever you dream of, not reality (if that makes sense)..?

I’m probably not making much sense….or maybe I am. I mean I understand what I’m trying to say…but do you?

Ehh…I’m just having trouble falling asleep because my mind is extremely crowded at the moment.

I guess I’ll just try to drift off now

-xx els