“To whom do you beautifully belong?”

Everyone wants to feel like they belong…like they are part of something: something meaningful and beautiful. Amidst the fleeting moments of quotidian life, amongst all the unnoticed sounds and motions, you want to find the peculiarity of each second. It intrigues you that each and every second is different from the last and will always be irreplaceable. Even when you know clearly what you are bound to and supposed to do, the path trudged upon every single day, you never do it the same way as before.
In our subconscious habits, we suppress our desires unknowingly and they become part of our unconsciousness, hidden in the back of our minds, glistening in it’s own lacking luster, like precious stones do in their untapped sanctuaries.
This video gives life to what once was a meek sparkle and embodies it as a luminous visual. When I went inside this small and very dark room, I felt nonexistent. Everything outside was irrelevant and incompreshensible. Somehow, the only thing that I could trust in that small square room was what was on the screen. There was a small rectangular box towards the back of the black room where one person was sitting a little towards the left. My friend Emily and I went in together and I sat in the middle of it and she sat on my right side. It was odd because I could feel the presence of the two people next to me but I couldn’t see them. That’s how dark it was. About two minutes in, I knew I was going to be here for a while so i I told Emily that I was going to sit on the floor, where I could lay down. I didn’t even realize that not a single person was sitting on the floor. But the floor was carpet so I just sat on the floor and leaned back on the black rectangular box I had just been sitting on. I started a sort of chain reaction because the guy who had been standing next to me laid down on the floor, leaning back on the left side of the square room. I don’t understand exactly why (nor do I care to figure out) but I felt content at that small adjustment he had made and felt a little flutter. This pulse continued throughout the video in many ways.
I was inspired by the effortlessness of the whole short movie. The people in the video were exact embodiment of ordinary people yet what made them so interesting was that they continued to repeat the same motions.
Everyone has their own hidden desires; a yearning turned down by practicality and consciousness. Whether it be staring blankly at the camera, spinning in infinite circles, or walking ridiculously in slow motion, these people were becoming one with their true selves.
If everyone were to embrace all of their petty longings, it would be a beautiful sight, just like the video.
If we all could let loose of our inhibitions and release our hearts, this abnormality could (blend in and) become so common (that it be/and soon) negligible.
Isn’t that how norms are established? Something controversial is introduced, which then becomes so common that it soon becomes ordinary.
However, until that phenomenon takes place, it remains in the corner of our minds, shining in its own glory,