society is corrupting;
it molds people into monsters.

we let it besmirch our mind with tar
and we fall into its opportunistic hands
over and over again
to the point where it becomes a perennial cycle of rising and falling,
only to find ourselves in its immobilizing grasp again




what if one day you looked into the horizon and saw that the place where the sky met the earth was blurred?
would you doubt everything you’ve ever taken for granted?
what would reality become?

you wouldnt be able to distinguish sky from earth, truth from lies.
you’d be at a complete loss and would never be able to trust anything anymore

sometimes it’s just better not to question reality…you might find out something that contradicts every established fact that you’ve taken for granted so far

everything you’ve trusted will merge together and become an unruly mess

the world below you

Recently, my dad asked me a question:
Which do you prefer, mountains or oceans?

I thought it was pointless so I instinctively brushed it off with a simple “I don’t know.”
but the more I thought about it, the more I wondered…which DO I like better?…

Oceans are calm and steady; they’re reliable and you can always count on the waves to crash. Sometimes they overlap and compete with each other but they never fail to land on the shore. If you look far into the horizon, the sky and the waters negotiate a truce at a point where two infinate forces seem to meet. It’s something like what you would call a halfway line.

However, mountains serve as a representation of freedom to me. Not only can you see the stretch of the horizon, but also the world below you. The view from what seems like the top of the world never ceases to amaze me. I could stand on top of a mountain and do absolutely anything without people watching me. On the peak, I’m in complete ignorance from the loud and chaotic features of society.
My love for height explains my inner beliefs that we can raise ourselves independently and strive to connect to nature. Your status in society is insignificant if you endeavor to believe that in nature, you can rise voluntarily anytime. That is why I sometimes try to find answers in nature because it’s the one thing in this world that is completely pure.
Anyways, I’ve come to a conclusion. Mountains give me a sense of power that I can’t obtain from oceans.



accidently picturesque

The world is such a picture sometimes…

when the sun is shining right into your eyes and all you see are black silhouettes.


The streams of light shoot out and stab the clouds, compensating for its minute size in the vast blue sky. It’s almost as if the sun’s fighting to make a mark in the sky. It’s such a small part of the sky that it has no choice but to draw attention to itself through blinding light

so that it’s not disregarded… that it’s not forgotten.

That’s the power of the sun. When we stare into it, we forget about our surroundings partly because we can’t see anything else but also because its gravitational pull lures us into its world of emptiness and barren white pit.

Why do you think we can’t see anything after having been in the sunlight for a considerable amount of time? It’s because the sun is trying to engrave itself in our memories just like we want to be remembered.

Everything has feelings…
it’s not just us.


Imagine you’re outdoors; it’s pitch dark and you can’t even see the bridge of your nose. You’re staring into an eternal abyss and wondering why it’s so empty.
There’s another person on the other side, staring back into your direction, thinking the same thoughts. You are not aware of this because of your unfortunate confinement to a small circle of vision resulting from complete ignorance.
When you decide to rid yourself of predisposed thoughts you’ll realize that all this time, you were two inches from a switch that would have illuminated and ignited a whole new world of discoveries.

Open your eyes.
Admit to your ignorance.